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    BIO OF ANITA J LITTLETON                                                                      

Anita J. Littleton is a true woman of Yahweh (God), Chosen, Anointed and Appointed by Yahweh (God) for such a time as this.  It was always in the plan of Yahweh (God) that He would order her steps regarding life and ministry. She was called by Yahweh (God) and acknowledged into the ministry as a minister of the Gospel in Portland Oregon 1989.  She was called and affirmed into the Prophetic office in Vancouver Washington 1998 and was properly birthed into the office of the Prophet and given Impartation in 2005 by her Prophetic Father Apostle & Prophet Raymond P. Stansbury of  Newcastle, DE.  Prophetic House of Truth Outreach (P.H.O.T.O.)

She is currently birthing forth a new Ministry work which Yahweh (God) conceived within her in the year 2000, the soon to launch Revelation of Truth Empowerment Assembly (R.O.T.E.A.) where she will serve as Founder and Sr. Pastor. She is the C.E.O. of her personal ministry, Anita J. Littleton Ministries, and the Founder and President of the Bridgeway Community Development Corporation, still under development.  She also served faithfully as assistant and then Senior Pastor of the former Chester’s Refuge In Christ Church of Chester, PA for 13+ years 2003-2016.

Yahweh (God) has indeed placed his word in her mouth and has instructed her to teach and preach the truth of his word into the hearts and hearing of his people, empowering them to manifest his purpose and plan for their lives. She has a true heart of compassion and is very passionate about restoring the lives of the broken hearted and hurting (Luke 4:18).

She believes that through the power of the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (the Holy Spirit), and the manifestation of Yahweh’s (God’s) tangible love, which is the hope of Salvation through Yahshua Hamashiach (whom many refer to as his english transliterated name Jesus the Christ), true healing, restoration and deliverance will come.  She also believes that the strong mandate given to her by Yahweh (God) in this last hour, is to enlighten believer’s concerning their true identity and authority upon the earth, and to tear down barriers of unhealthy traditions, in hopes to unite the full body of believers for a greater releasing of YAH’s (God’s) Kingdom and Glory upon the earth.

Prophetess/ Pastor Littleton has been graced to Minister Yahweh’s (God’s) word throughout the tristate areas of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, also in Portland Oregon, Tacoma/Seattle/Vancouver Washington areas, at Revivals, Women Conferences, Seminars, Pastoral Anniversaries, Workshops and more.  She is truly a Voice of Yahweh (God) called to HIS People around the Nations. 

She is married to Mr. Antwine H. Littleton Sr. of a 26+ yrs. union, (Her Spiritual Covering & Ministry Partner) and the proud parents of six children and four Grand children

What Anita J.  Littleton really wants you to know is that she is a God fearing humbled servant of Yahweh (God) who desires to walk in total obedience to his call on her life, so that he may receive ALL HONOR and PRAISE.